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No New Clothes for a Year

NO NEW CLOTHES FOR A YEAR - What’s the point?

Could you take on the challenge to refrain from buying new clothes?

Like any other challenge, the question is why is it worth doing? And what are the benefits, purpose or reward?

Lady thinking about not buying any new clothes for a year
No New Clothes for a Year Challenge

I’m going to skip writing the obvious topical reasons, and assume you already know that for over 30 years the clothing industry has used processes that have caused havoc to the natural planet, ethically and environmentally – that alone is a good enough reason. However, I am going to get straight to another point and say because you will ultimately dress, look and feel better.

Let me explain how: Clothing availability, choice, price point, and the endless free style advice across all forms of media for different walks of life has become limitless. The result is, this free-for-all, anything-goes clothing pool has simply become too big to make any sense of. We now need to filter out the actual clothing and style advice that is relevant to us, as individuals, that can be directly applied to our personal taste and lifestyle.

By taking on the challenge, the process will firstly make you think differently about your clothes and what you are wearing, as you will start to take a deeper look at what you already own and ‘Shop your Wardrobe’. 💛 When you do decide to add or replace an item (only preloved or a clothes swap permitted) you will discover the real feel of quality clothing because only quality garments can withstand the test of time & style as they stay in circulation. 🧡 Plus, you will find your true personal style as your garment and outfit decisions are more considered because the quick-fix shops will be off limits.

I did the NO NEW CLOTHES FOR A YEAR challenge just back in 2017, and I did cheat. Twice. Firstly, I was out with my daughter and trying stuff on with no intension of buying but then did buy a dress that we convinced ourselves was ok because my daughter bought it for me – blatant CHEAT! Secondly, a local shoe shop was closing down and I could not resist a bargain so bought the shoes and put them away until my year was up. When I got them out to wear several months later, I didn’t actually like them so much!

The lessons learnt here are, I can’t resist a dress – so I am now fully stocked up on dresses, and don’t buy something just because it’s a bargain.

So, I invite you to join me in not buying any new clothes in 2020.

Psssst... preloved & clothes swapping are still allowed 💞👚✔️

You can think about it 🤔 and choose your start date and how long you want to commit for? (I’m doing the whole year, but if that sounds too long, set a shorter target, you can always extend it)

The key is to prepare before you start. Ask yourself these two questions?

  1. Do I own a full Wardrobe of Clothes?

  2. Do most of my clothes fit me?

If you don’t know the answer, I suggest checking and making a purposeful shopping list... 📝 Once you have your shopping list you can buy preloved or obtain from clothes swaps. (I’ll be co-hosting more Clothes Swap throughout 2020 🧥➰👢)

So, YES you can still add garments, but ones that are already in circulation, just not brand-new ones.


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