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Dipti, Gloucestershire

"I love working with My Very Own Stylist - Sarah! (Actually to call it work is not really appropriate!)It’s such a super fun day.
Every year, we go through my collection of clothes and summer them down for the warmer months and then winter them up for the colder months.
Sarah organises them into amazing outfits - things that I would never dream of putting together - and they work so well.
She also takes pics of all the outfit combinations that I can print out and laminate and refer to.
Every morning - I just grab an outfit and am dressed in no time - it’s literally brilliant.
Thank you Sarah - without you, I’m lost!"

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...if you have enjoyed an experience with us, albeit attending a talk, receiving our regular style tips & newsletter, have started your style journey with one of our services, or a long term client, we would love to hear how we helped you. 

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"Fashion is not necessarily about labels.

It's not about brands.

It's about something else that comes from within you."

Ralph Lauren

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