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  • Price List 2023
    Full Wardrobe Edit (4hr) including digital Look-Book £250* The Style Boost Package (3 x 1hr sessions) £195** Personal Colour Analysis, including 15 Unique ColourSwatches £65* Additional Wardrobe Edit time £65 p/h Seasonal Wardrobe Reviews £65 p/h Personal Shopping £45 p/h Workshops/Groups/Corporate from £35 p/p Seamstress POA please use the price check button below to enquire Gift Vouchers can be purchased to the value of any price, and used towards a service*** * Plus additional travel fee if outside of Stylist area. ** Excludes purchase prices of garments, make-up and accessories. ***Travel fee can be added to a Gift Voucher service. Prices correct at time of publish. Please check if any doubt, stating which service and if you require stylist to travel. Seamstress enquires can be made via 'price check' button below too.
  • What is a Wardrobe Edit?
    A unique service where a professional wardrobe stylist comes to your home and transforms your current collection of clothes into instant ready-to-wear outfit combinations, you never knew you had. The process identifies problem garments, any missing key pieces that will form a purposeful shopping list if necessary, and sort out the surplus items. Your stylist will then advise any alteration solutions, how to obtain any necessary key garments, and how to move-on your surplus clothes too.
  • Who is a Wardrobe Edit for?
    Any woman who has an Wardrobe of Clothes, or is feeling over-whelmed with her current collection, or is struggling to feel confident and stylish.
  • Do I have to get rid of the Clothes that don’t make the Edit?
    No, Clients will never be pressured into giving up any garments they don't want to. Our clothes are our closest possessions, and we are experienced in the sensitivity of sentiment and memories. The Client has full control, and in fact, it can has been know to go the other way, where a Client insists on us immediately taking away large quantities of clothes. We are always careful and suggest alternatives before anything is taken away from a clients home, for good.
  • Will I need to buy more Clothes after my Edit?
    The short answer is no. It’s amazing how a fresh pair of eyes can form outfits that you never knew you had. However, the process quickly identifies any proportionate imbalances and missing key items, which will then create a purposeful shopping list if necessary, that can be purchased only if a client decides to. That being said, we do work with clients who are looking to overhaul there Wardrobes and seek our services to specifically help create a style appropriate shopping list.
  • How long does a Full Edit & Look-Book take?
    4-hours. If you have a large collection of clothes, our experienced Editors will be able to guide you through what is achievable in half-day, and explain options of extending the session or arranging a follow-on session at an hourly rate.
  • Will I have outfits to wear instantly?
    Yes, definitely. Our Sustainable Wardrobe Editing Service is focused entirely on giving you a multitude of immediate ready-to-wear outfits that you can’t wait to wear. You’ll be spoilt for choice!
  • When will I receive my Look-Book?
    We aim to email your Personal Look-Book within 24hrs* after your Edit, along with a “Shared Photo Album” to your mobile phone if requested. *It is advised to confirm with your Editor at time of booking particularly if your Edit is scheduled for a Friday or Saturday.
  • How many outfits will be in my Look-Book?
    All Look-Books will vary, averaging 35-45 looks from a 4-hour Wardrobe Edit.
  • What else is included in my Look-Book?
    Your PDF will be annotated to help you re-create further combinations from the formulas used. Plus, if a client has a key garment missing, that they agree would be a benefit to creating more outfits, then this will also be noted.
  • Why is there an option of a “Shared Album” too?
    While your personal annotated PDF Look-Book is perfect for doing exactly what it says – providing your essential dressing notes and is printable to enable you to have a hardcopy permanently in your wardrobe - a shared album on your mobile phone gives you your Wardrobe at your fingertips, all of the time!
  • Is Personal Colour Analysis included with a Wardrobe Edit?
    Not as standard procedure, however it can be added by request. You can choose to have Colour Analysis done as part of your Wardrobe Edit but do bear in mind this will eat into an hour of Wardrobe Editing time, so it may be more beneficial to book a separate session.
  • Can I have a Colours Analysis without a Wardrobe Edit?
    Yes. Please contact us directly to enquire and book. Colour Analysis session
  • Do you offer Group Colour sessions?
    Yes. Please contact us directly for details. Colour Analysis
  • Are your Personal Styling Services in-person or online?
    All services are designed to be in-person, however we can offer online services via zoom, with the exception of Colour Analysis.
  • I have clothes that don't fit me properly or don't suit my body shape, will an Edit help?
    Yes. Our Wardrobe Editing Service is all about making your clothes work for you and falling back in love with why you own them, and FIT is the number one issue, as to why garments don't always work. Our Editors are experienced stylists and seamstresses, who have knowledge in proportion, body-shape and personal style development, so they will always advise on what can be done to keep a garment, make it wearable, and how to go about getting the alteration or up-fashioning done, as a priority.
  • Could I have more information about your Seamstress Service?
    Our Seamstress Service came about to solve the issue of garments that didn't fit properly, or used to fit and no longer do, but the client still loves the piece. These garments are identified during the Wardrobe Edit process, and decisions made with the client and stylist to see if an alteration or up-fashion can be done. We also have clients who come to us just for alterations. For example clients that have previously identified they have a body shape that requires a fit adjustment when buying off the peg. Or clients who only wear a specific shaped neckline. What ever your garment alteration, amendment, or up-fashion, we work on an 'always a solution' philosophy.
  • How do I book a Wardrobe Edit?
    Contact us directly by email Or telephone +44 7770 417418 Or via any of our social media platforms. Please note Editor's travel fees maybe added to the price of the Edit.
  • How do I pay?
    Bank transfer is preferred. Your choice of payment method can be discussed during your FREE 30 min telephone consultation.
  • Can I continue buying clothes after a Sustainable Wardrobe Edit?
    Yes you can. Sustainable Wardrobe Editing has been described as therapeutic, uplifting, and most importantly mindset changing - so be aware that once you have your new Wardrobe you won’t want to go back to how it was, or how your buying habits were. Check out our Sustainable Mission, which includes how to shop for the future.
  • Do you offer Personal Shopping?
    Yes we do. Our Personal Shopping Service is a 'Do it for you' approach. We source and send you links, or we source, purchase, deliver, and return the necessary. Here's the link to more details about our Personal Shopping Service.
  • What is a “Capsule Wardrobe” and does a Sustainable Wardrobe Edit cover this?
    A Capsule Wardrobe is a limited number of garments that mix and match to create a multitude of outfit options. Our Editing Service is focused on maximising your garments into outfit combinations, so when you receive your Look-Book you will see a range of capsules already existing in your wardrobe.
  • I have an occasion coming up, is it best to have an Edit before or after?"
    Definitely before. During your Edit our stylists may discover several suitable outfits or part of an outfit. Or if you are looking to specifically introduce new garments to your wardrobe, make sure you tell the Editor so that we can advise accordingly on how an occasional outfit purchase can be incorporated into your existing Wardrobe.
  • I am going away soon, can you help me with what to take and how to Travel Pack?"
    Absolutely yes. This can be done as part of a Full Wardrobe Edit as it makes choosing what to take and pack much easier. Do inform your Editor about your imminent trip to ensure your specific requirements are coherently arranged in your Look-Book. Or we can offer Travel and Holiday packing as a separate service.
  • Do you have physical Gift Cards or digital ones?
    We offer a physical Gift Cards, to the value of your choice. Email us to ask:
  • Can I ask a question please?
    Yes. If you haven't found the answer to your question or have a special request, please contact us. Looking forward to hearing from you. ​ Sarah & The MYVOS team​​
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