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Men's Style

MYVOS® for Men


In today's fashion landscape, men in the UK are gravitating towards a diverse array of styles that echo their multifaceted lifestyles and aspirations. The modern male tends to be well-informed, both about global fashion trends and sustainability issues, and their wardrobe choices reflect that awareness.

The winds of fashion & style! They're ever-changing, but isn't that what makes it exhilarating?

Cheers to the kaleidoscope of styles gracing us & with the MYVOS® bespoke 5-Step formula you will be an inspirational part of the narrative.


"Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality."

Shawn Ashmore 



MYVOS® for Men is a 5-Step Service tailored, adapted and delivered to suit you.

  • The wardrobe Audit

This initial step can be self-guided, via zoom or with an in-person Stylist

  • Lifestyle Evaluation

Via zoom or in-person with a Stylist 

  • Personality Type/Fabric/Fit/Colour

In-person with a Stylist 

  • Purposeful Shopping List

Sourced Online/In-store/Pre-loved 

  • Integrating the Curated Finish

Outfit planning with Stylist 


  • Ready to wear outfits appropriate to lifestyle

  • Styling variables to maximise garment use

  • Understanding how to evolve personal style 

Price from £195

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