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About us

Who we are - MYVOS®

MYVOS® is an acronym meaning My Very Own Stylist or Style. Our job is to make your clothes work as a second skin that elevates your daily life, and make your wardrobe easy to manage. We believe your clothing choices have the power to make you feel better, look better, and therefore are a part of your well-being.


Today's fashion landscape is a diverse array of styles that echo multifaceted lifestyles, aspirations, and sustainable issues; all of which we reflect in our wardrobe choices. Gone are the days of uniform and dress-code norms, you are expected to work it out for yourself, which is why more people are seeking expert help.

MYVOS® emerged in 2019,  yet its beginnings were born in 2011 by its founder Sarah Cross (who lives & breathes curating outfits), as a side-hustle in addition to her day job as a Fashion & Clothing Lecturer, and mum of 2.

Sarah's passion for showing and teaching women how to maximise what they already own, and evolve their style in alignment with their Personal taste, lifestyle and values is evidenced in what our clients say about us.  


The need for this sustainable, ethical, service is thriving along with our team.



We are a unique Personal Styling and Sustainable Wardrobe Editing Service, for professional women, time-poor women, and anyone who's has lost direction with what they are wearing. 

The key to our success is teaching women how to evolve their wardrobes in alignment with their personal taste, lifestyle, and values.

Our methods start with existing collections of clothes - there is always a reason why a person owns the clothes you already have, why they find space to store them, and time to care for them - we solve the puzzle of why only 20% get worn most of the time & in doing so, enable a women to confidently progress her style. 


Sarah's experience and knowledge has shown that when a woman lets us into her Wardrobe, we can quickly understand exactly how she wishes to move forward with her look, what is holding her back, why some garments no longer work, and ultimately re-configuring entire clothes collections into stylish, appropriate, curated outfit options that bring feelings of joy, confidence and empowerment.

Our service is ethical, sustainable and circular, meaning we are equally passionate about what happens to the garments no longer required. We will organise the ethical moving-on of ALL surplus items from repurposing worn out clothing, donating to charitable causes, or selling as pre-loved.



Understanding our clients through getting up-close with their wardrobes is how we consistently under promise and over deliver.

We never underestimate the power of dressing either. The clothes we wear are our closest possessions, it’s a legal requirement to get dressed, and in the words of Edith Head:

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it”

So, let us take the guess out of getting dressed, the phobe out of wardrobe, and make your daily outfits elevate your life.



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& The MYVOS® Team


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